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Keep a vigilant watch over your competitive environment with our expertise.



Honnorat Recherches & Services offers the following PATENT SERVICES specifically for the most innovative companies and patent attorneys.



PRior art searches to prepare a patent for filing :

What are the chances of a sound patent for your invention ?

What is its “patentability ” ? Has it been done before ? Can you start production quickly ?

Check your patentability, optimize your claims, or / and evaluate your Freedom to Operate.


Validity and relevancy studies to establish the legality of an issued patent :

Is your industrial development being hindered by an existing patent ?

Check that the offending patent really has a solid basis with an in-depth study and analysis of prior art.

And prepare legal proceedings, nullity suits or license agreements with the help of our documentary analysis.


State of the art and technology trends :

Determine whether research options are open or closed by the extend of patent activity, solve technical problems, generate new ideas and research strategies.


Personalized Patent Surveillance :

From simple surveillance to elaborate newsletters, have direct access to that all important technical intelligence :

What are your main competitors working on ? Which market sectors are developing ? Where is patent activity most flourishing ? Which R&D strategy should you opt for ?

Exploit effectively patent information in a layout clear and adapted to the needs of your company.


Surveillance of Procedures :

Follow the progression of a patent through the PCT, US or European procedures from first publication.



Since 2002, we have delivered :

  More than 853 prior art searches, state of the art and validity & relevancy studies,

  635 patent Newsletters in the Security and Biometry Fields,

  362 regular patent surveillance for our customers,

  15 confidential customized data compilations.


Our proven strengths :

In-depth professional searches,

Precise patent summaries and patentability opinion,

Total confidentiality,

Very competitive rates,

All deadlines met.