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The protection from counterfeiting and fraud is fundamental. Security and Authentication products are essential tools.



Honnorat Recherches & Services today protects passport papers, checks, vouchers, tokens, stamps, tickets, packaging …


From low cost protection to high sophistication, we can help you to secure every kind of documents and to protect efficiently your brand against copy and counterfeiting with our wide range of innovative overt and covert AUTHENTICATION PRODUCTS :


   Authentication a-dots,

   Star Cristal SP,

   Flash Red,

   NEW SENSITISING AGENTS designed to react to chemical forgery attempts,

   SPECIALITIES (security coating, toner adhesion …)


These security features can be used alone but also IN COMBINATION to provide comprehensive customized authentication solutions. Combinations are original and limitless.


Please note that customized products and solutions can be created in conjunction with clients under partnership agreements.



Benefits of our products :

Extremely difficult to counterfeit,

Easy to use,

Easy to authenticate,

Low cost,

Aesthetic ...



To get additional information or samples, contact us.

Given the confidential nature of our products, we are not able to give here all their characteristics.

Thank you for your understanding.