Preserving the integrity and authenticity of your brands from fraud and counterfeiting is essential.



HONNORAT RECHERCHES & SERVICES provides unique and original solutions to help you to protect your products, YOUR CUSTOMERS and your brands from counterfeiting.



Our markers can be directly incorporated within the product, on the product or as part of the packaging.

Our markers can be applied via labels and stickers on the product or its packaging.




   Round shape (15 mm diameter).

   Logo or customer information in 2 colours + Black.

   2 overt security features for a quick identification. (Aesthetic effects also act as anti-copy devices).

   2 covert security features for a reliable authentication with common tools.

   Frangible/Tamper evident if removal is attempted.



H-R&S security labels can be customized according to your own applications, specifics needs and requirements.

H-R&S security labels can be of various shapes, sizes, substrates and can combine our wide security features range.


To get additional information, receive a demo label, DEFINE AN ANTI-COUNTERFEITING SOLUTION ADAPTED TO YOUR NEEDS, contact us.

Given the confidential nature of our brand protection solutions, we are not able to give here more information. Thank you for your understanding.



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Honnorat Recherches & Services has registered at the beginning of May 2010 two new patents relating to brand protection and tickets and parking badges authentication, contactless and at distance, notably through a vehicle windscreen or any windows.


Information published on www.securitydocumentworld.com - Sections : Anti-counterfeiting and Product News

15 June 2010

French authentication firm Honnorat Recherches & Services has registered two new patents for authentication and brand protection.

The patents relate to authentication devices which use IR or UV laser beams to reveal markers or invisible printed information on documents, tickets, products or packaging. These authentication systems also relate to laser pointers with multiple beams which can be used on documents and discrete invisible large beams. According to the company these new devices will help avoid ticket and parking badge counterfeiting and will enable organisations to authenticate products or packaging in shops.


Information also published on www.contrefacon-riposte.info/contrefacon - Section : technologies - 15 July 2010


To get additional information ON THESE NEW AUTHENTICATION DEVICES, contact us.



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